Spotify introduces auto-generated transcripts for millions of podcasts.


Millions of podcasts on Spotify now offer auto-generated transcripts.

Spotify has begun releasing auto-generated transcripts of podcasts to more podcasters in the coming weeks, the company announced on Thursday.

The transcripts of text will be time-synchronized, allowing listeners to be able to follow the audio as the episode unfolds. Transcripts can be accessed by scrolling down beneath the player of the podcast and then navigating into the “read along” section. The transcription of a podcast makes the show more accessible to access for users and lets listeners skip through an episode without actually listening to it.


Spotify states that “millions” of podcast episodes will be able to use the tool and, in the near future, creators can include media in transcripts excellent feature when the creator is talking about an image featured on the show, for instance.


Beyond transcripts, podcast listeners on mobile phones around the world will now be able to move around episodes by using chapters, too. Podcasters can now add time-stamped chapters to their shows, which briefly outline a particular segment of the show. This allows listeners to look over topics before they start listening to specific details.


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